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Rock wool 75 mm insulation is a sturdy reply acceptable for quite a lot of frequent growth duties and specialised requirements similar to industrial, leisure and industrial growth. The insulation has good acoustic, thermal and fire-resistant properties.

Rockwool produces and distributes an in depth line of intelligent and ecological “rock wool” insulation choices for buildings. Attic insulation, flat roof insulation, exterior and flooring insulation, inside wall insulation, ceiling insulation and a big spectrum of financial and OEM insulation functions are all obtainable.

What exactly is Rockwool Insulation?

Rock wool insulation is a sort/sort of mineral wool insulation. It is made by heating explicit pebbles to terribly extreme temperatures sooner than spinning them into advantageous wool. Rock wool insulation is produced into rigid compressed sheets and is sweet for cavity and attic insulation. Due to this they’re sturdy, sturdy and long-lasting.

Some nice advantages of rock wool insulation:

Insulation in your own home, be it throughout the partitions or the loft, is preferable to nothing. However, in case you are looking for insulation that actually works for you, consider Rockwool insulation.

Moisture and fireside resistance, easy arrange

When it comes time to insulate, the appropriate insulation can significantly impact arrange time and energy, along with the comfort of your property or enterprise development for years to return. Rockwool insulation presents a variety of distinctive properties that make it the material of choice for lots of specialists.

It has great thermal insulation.

It is meant to supply great thermal insulation. In case you might have it put in in your own home, you will uncover a change in temperature and an enormous low cost in your energy consumption. It is on account of it captures the good and comfy air from fires, stoves or radiators and permits it to stream into freely all by your property, moderately than escaping by essential areas such as a result of the partitions or the attic.

Fabricated from basalt stone and reclaimed steel slag.

Rock wool is additional sturdy, a lot much less annoying and much a lot much less dirty than fiberglass mat because of these merely obtainable and ecological parts.

R-values ​​elevated than fiberglass insulation

Rock wool offers a bigger R-value for the same thickness or a certain objective R-value; it’s best to use a a lot much less thick Rockwool mat, which makes arrange less complicated.

Rot, mildew, mould and bacterial development are totally inhibited.

Over time, Rockwool will proceed to perform with out compromising the well-being and safety of your property or enterprise facility.

Proof in opposition to moisture.

Rockwool, not like its rivals, repels water in its place of absorbing it. It retains your insulation areas dry and protects the adjoining growth supplies from deterioration.

It is resistant to rodents.

Rockwool’s steel ingredient retains rats out of your insulated space.

Hearth resistant.

Rockwool offers a way of tranquility with a fire-resistant growth the place safety in your residing space is paramount.

It improves insulation

It could probably cut back outdoor noise and improve your property’s insulation by holding the heat in and stopping chilly air from coming into. It is expensive in case you reside in a busy location or on the precept road and are concerned regarding the noise diploma you’ll hear, significantly once you’ve acquired already tried placing in double glazing and are nonetheless listening to it.

It doesn’t itch.

Anyone who has dealt with fiberglass is conscious of the itch of the fabric. Rockwool takes care of that immediately.

Appropriate chopping is simple with a serrated blade.

To quickly and exactly reduce out sections and reduce out areas for electrical containers and totally different wall parts, all you need is a bread knife (obtainable from Rockwool).

Any friction fits.

Make your arrange less complicated and sooner. Efficiently reduce rock wool, ie barely greater than the realm, then clamp it in for a cushty, cosy match.

Denser than customary fiberglass insulation.

Rockwool efficiently reduces airflow and, by extension, sound transmission. The stronger airflow resistance provides increased noise low cost, resulting in a quieter environment.

Being manufactured from rock, Rockwool Insulation could tolerate terribly extreme temperatures. It could probably stand as much as temperatures as a lot as 1000°C with out melting, which is essential to cease hearth development in a establishing.


Principally, it’s best to anticipate all varieties of Rock wool insulation to endure a few years, if not your whole life in your own home. However, it’s best to maintain watch over it and be succesful to substitute it if it appears to be affected by any of the issues talked about above.

Moreover, changes to the principles should be considered and the insulation topped up if important.

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