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Glass plugs for ears have develop to be a popular choice for people who want a particular seek for their piercings. Glass plugs may be present in various colors and kinds. They’re typically tailor-made to your model. Glass plugs are moreover a wide selection for folk with allergic reactions to metallic, as they’re comprised of hypoallergenic glass. In case you are considering glass plugs in your subsequent piercing, proper listed here are some issues it’s best to know.

Glass earplugs may be present in all types of colors and kinds so you possibly can discover the right pair to suit your character. They’re moreover lightweight and comfortable, so you can placed on all of them day with out worrying about them disturbing your ears. Plus, glass plugs are simple to scrub and protect, so you can protect them making an attempt like new for years to return.

Are glass plugs good in your ears?

There are some issues to ponder when deciding whether or not or not glass plugs are greatest for you. First, glass is a non-porous supplies, which suggests it could not absorb micro organism or grime. That’s good, on account of that method your ear simply is not uncovered to harmful substances.

Second, glass is a very clear supplies, so it won’t irritate your pores and pores and skin like completely different provides. That’s notably very important if in case you’ve gotten delicate pores and pores and skin.

Third, glass plugs are very simple to scrub. Chances are you’ll merely wash them with cleansing cleaning soap and water and even put them inside the dishwasher. It’s a good profit over completely different sorts of earrings, which can be powerful to scrub.

How do you placed on glass plugs?

Glass plugs are a type of ear jewelry that is worn in stretched earlobes. They’re fabricated from glass and can be found various colors and kinds.

To placed on glass plugs, your earlobes need to be stretched. This can be carried out using ear stretchers or by having your earlobes pierced with larger sized needles. As quickly as your earlobes are stretched, you can insert the glass plugs.

To place within the plugs, gently twist them into place. Be careful to not over tighten them as this may hurt your earlobes. As quickly because the plugs are in place, you can placed on them like one other type of ear jewelry.

Are glass plugs good for ear stretching?

Glass plugs are a wonderful risk for people who want to stretch their ears. They’re simple to make use of and take away and can be found various colors and kinds. Glass plugs are moreover very lightweight, in order that they’re cozy to placed on.

Glass plugs are a type of ear-extending jewelry comprised of, you guessed it, glass. Many people choose to utilize glass plugs for quite a few causes. One trigger is that cup is a very clear supplies, so it’s a lot much less liable to crack or hurt your earlobe everytime you stretch. Glass will also be a clear supplies, so you can see your earlobe by the jewelry, which can be helpful when attempting to measure your progress.


Glass plugs can be found various colors, sizes and styles, so that you simply’re sure to find a pair that matches your vogue. Together with their seen enchantment, glass plugs are comparatively simple to maintain up and comfortable to placed on.

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